How to Get Bargain Travel Deals Online

Choosing a good travel deal is always a big challenge which is nowadays further complicated with the overwhelming number of colorful flashing promotions and newsletters that haunt and taunt you everywhere on the Internet.

Websites shining with tantalizing photos of hotel rooms and paradisiacal tropical island beaches (ah, those with turquoise waters) subconsciously make you believe you’ll be bathed in luxury as soon as you pop in. If only it were that simple.

In the age of the internet, an overload of information pumped by companies makes it difficult for the everyday consumers to navigate in the overly confusing and nebulous space. 

With an ever-growing number of tour companies competing for your hard-earned money, choosing a good value holiday package that actually fit your budget and schedule is an extremely trying and tiring task.

Although the generation of tech savvy travelers, millennials has resulted in a significant shift towards online booking in the past decade, there are still a large number of people booking with brick-and-mortar travel agencies.

Whether you are going to book your next holiday online or with a travel agent, here are some tips and tricks we would like to share with you:

  • Travel Agent vs Do It Yourself

    If you're going to use a travel agent, don't pop in without having done some prior research. Even if you do, don’t buy on your first visit. Take time to think.

    If you rather prefer booking online, some research is not going to be enough. You need to start your bargain hunt at least 3-4 months in advance if you are very picky and on budget.

    Here we have a quick look at pros and cons of both options.

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  • The Best Time to Book Your Flight

    It is usually cheaper if you can book your flight at least 6-7 weeks and your hotel 3-6 weeks in advance. Travelling on Friday and Saturday is generally more expensive. Also, days around school holidays, long weekends and public holidays are not meant for savvy travellers.

    Do your search off-peak times of the day such as after midnight and early in the morning to make sure you see the all actual available options that are released after the temporary hold.

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  • Set Travel Priorities & Expectations

    Set your top priorities and expectation well in advance.
    What are you after? What matters most for you? Are you flexible with travel dates? are you flexible with the destination? Would rather go somewhere else if cheaper?

    Traveling. We have expectations of what it will be like, who it will be with and how much fun we're going to have.

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  • Compare Travel Deals and Packages

    Weigh off all your options before buying. We have sifted through Australia’s top travel agencies and sites to shortlist the best ones. Whether you're looking for an adventure trip, family holiday or a weekend getaway, you can now search all these sites in one place. Once you find what you are after, you book directly with them. No fees or charges added on. We are 100% free! We are continuously extending the range of travel deals from trusted agencies to help everyday Australians shop around. Or Read more
  • Travel Deals – Are Extras Worth It?

    Take anything that's for free. Give any other paid extras the flick.

    Unless you're confident of receiving more in benefits than you're paying in advance, you should not consider buying extras.

    Travel booking sites simply cannot offer you airport transfers, taxi, additional accommodation, other add-ons, drinks etc. cheaper. Simple math. Also, why would they?
    Such stuff are not promoted and are generally not competitively priced.

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  • Smart Ways to Pay When You Travel

    There are plenty of ways to pay for your travel online – from bank transfers and debit and credit cards to third-party payment services like Poli, Bpay and some Buy now, pay later services which allow you to purchase a product immediately and then pay it off in instalments over several months.

    ere are some tips to help you stay safe when you pay for your travel deal online or you buy stuff while traveling.

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