• Why Us

    We prune and structure publicly available data for free public use. We are not one of those comparison sites (or disguised brokers who compare only who pays and calls them "participating brands/products"). We offer and encourage any legitimate businesses to add their products to our system for free. What we offer is simplified, searchable and easy-to-understand data, not advice. Filters available allow users to change the default order of listings and custom-sort by what is important to them.
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    It's expensive to be poor! Confusopoly is "a group of companies with similar products who intentionally confuse customers instead of competing on price". By making things confusing and nebulous, they keep their profit margins high and your benefits small. They know you can't wade through the complexity of spurious data and inclusions to compare and differentiate which product you get. Well, they don't know what you know. We keep adding new tools to allow reverse-engineering the confusopoly.
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    No Cost

    Yoomroo is a data facilitation platform that makes it easy to navigate and overcome the information overload. We evolve by helping you and many other everyday Australians (re)search, navigate, compare and beat the increasingly complex market. No hidden fees. No mark-ups. It is free to use all features or suggest a new feature. You can sort data by what matters most for you. Many of our services are at beta phases and we keep improving them based on public feedback. It makes us happy and proud if you can save time and money!